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His Method

MétodoThe key to Gaudi’s status as a revolutionary artist lies in him original methodology; there are reasons to why he has been compared to Van Gogh for his way of expressing color, to Leonardo da Vinci for the continuous inventions, and to J. S. Bach for his relentless attention to detail. Gaudi was the inventor of new architectural forms, a master of symbolism and scientific reason, a loving observer of Nature, and religious man who was very aware of the needs of the working class.

Gaudi was a scientist of architecture. For that reason, his work attitude and methodology are strict, honest, daring, and impeccable. As far as he was concerned, even if no one had done something before, that did not mean he couldn’t do it. Evidently, an artist who identified Art with Beauty and Beauty with Life will impose unto himself the strictest ethics. For that reason it isn’t strange that Le Corbusier, Miro, and Dali admired him.


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