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Factory History

The factory of the Colonia Güell was its central nucleus and raison d’etre. Dedicated to the production of several types of cloths, its main difference with other textile factories of the time was that it used coal in lieu of hydraulic enery.

Construction of the factory began in 1890. A mere year later the first building was completed and the steam machine dedicated to spinnin was started. Afterwards, the rest of the buildings, each aimed at drying, tinting, etc in order to complete cotton’s process of transformation.

Each of the buildings that made up the factory had a different role in the process of transforming cotton into fabric. A set of rails and cartwheels were installed throughout the factory in order to facilitate the transportation of materials between the aforementioned buildings.

Labor movements and social revolution eventually hit the Colonia as well. When the Civil War started in 1936 the factory was taken over by its workers. It was not until the war ended that ownership was restored to the Güell family; it was subsequently sold to the Bertrand Serra family in 1945.

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