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The Colona Güell allows families the opportunity to enjoy a day where the culture, nature, and history mix in order to create a singular visit.

Upon arrival to the Colonia Güell, go to the Visitors’ center where they will help you plan the visit taking into consideration your kids’ ages. Along with the tickets we’ll also give you a detailed map and an audioguide. Normally the visit starts at the permanent exhibition at the Visitors’ center. Through the exhibition we seek to increase the visitors’ understanding of the Colonia Güell.

One of the most essential spaces for families is the video we have in one of the rooms of the permanent exhibition which can help kids understand how workers lived in the Colonia through the eyes of a young girl named Eulalia who lived and worked there.

During the walk around the Colonia Güell there are some green spaces where the youngest children can run, play, swing, etc in a perfectly secure environment.

If you visit us on a Saturday, don’t forget to pass by the Mercat de pagès (from 9 to 14h at the Camet of the Colonia Güell) where you can find fresh products from the land of the Parc Agrari del Baix Llobregat.

In the pine forest surrounding the church you will finds seat to relax. On top of that, there is the forest of Joaquim Folguera, near the church. Locals commonly use this forest during their morning walks.


  • Children under 10 years of age don’t pay entrance fee.
  • We offer different discounts for young children as well as families.
  • For more information, send an e-mail to coloniaguell@adleisure.com.


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