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Enjoy Colonia Güell by your own with our audioguides. If you prefer, on Saturdays and Sundays we offer a guided tour in Spanish.

When you arrive at the Colonia Güell, whether you come by car, train or bus, come to the Visitors’ center to buy your ticket. Here we’ll give you a detailed map, an audioguide, and help you organize your visit to the Colonia Güell.

Normally the visit begins permanent exhibition in the Visitors’ center. This exhibition is divided in two floors where you’ll acquire a general vision of the Colonia and the construction of the Crypt. Next we propose visiting the Colonia following the numbers and recommended itinerary in the map.

Visit with audioguide

We recommend to buy the ticket online

Sundays guided tours
For Sundays guided tours (in Spanish or Catalan) we recommend to buy the ticket online.


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