Grup amb guia fent la visita per la Colònia


Our instalations and services are capable of adapting groups of any type and size. We recommend that groups reserve, or at least call beforehand, so we can guarantee an excellent service upon arrival. Moreover we will offer you a glass of cava at the Visitors’ Center.

Visits can either be guided or not, depending on your preferences. Guided tours include the same spaces as the non-guided one does, namely the permanent exhibition, the Crypt and the Colonia Güell; they are done by our team of guides in a variety of languages: Catalan, Spanish, French, Dutch, and English. Moreover, if a different language is desired we can hire another guide from outside.

We have an exclusive system of reservations that offers special attention to whoever comes. When groups are larger than 10 people you must contact us during visiting hours through this e-mail:

There's a free parking for private vehicles or buses at the disposition of tourists as well as several other basic services.

Accesible for groups with limited mobility.

For more information and reservations

Tel: 936 305 807 

Guided tours in sign language

Colonia Güell has offers the possibility of a guided tour in sign language so on the first Saturday of every month at 11:00 am so long as they notify us before.

Said visit, which lasts two hours, includes a walk around the Colonia Güell, Gaudi’s Crypt, and the permanent exhibition, all the while accompanied by our guide.


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